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December 2021

I'm excited to share that photographs from 'Flora Imperfecta' are now part of the Midwest Photographers Project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. A huge 'thank you' to both Karen Irvine at the MoCP for the invitation and the wonderful folks at LATITUDE for the connect <3<3 You can see my portfolio online here. Really grateful to be part of a project from which I've gained inspiration for more than a decade. 

On view October 2-December 9, 2021

On view October 2-December 9, 2021
20: PrattMWP Celebrating 20 Years is on view at the PrattMWP Gallery, located within the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Museum of Art, Fountain Elms building in Utica, NY. You can learn more about the exhibition here. I'm honored to represent my PrattMWP graduation year and to share 3 images (including the one above) from The Forest Rests Also In You alongside works from so many makers I admire.

October 2021

October 2021
Small Talk Collective curated images from The Forest Rests Also In You into LIGHT CONVERSATION Vol. 2, their pop-up projection series. The projection screened on Friday, October 1 outside Oregon Contemporary in Portland, OR. Really grateful to be among such an awesome line up! 

August 2021

I contributed writing and a photograph to Postdigital Science and Education's Teaching in the Age of Covid-19-One Year Later collective journal article. You can access the article for free here. (Note: There are 40+ authors; the text is long!)

Here's an excerpt of my text:

"The normalization of wanting desperately to return to environments I experience as inaccessible reminds me constantly that I do not belong. Through the lens of the medical model of disability I find myself thinking, ‘I don’t fit in’. Through the lens of the social model of disability I find myself thinking, ‘the site seems unable to recognize ways in which it could welcome and fit itself into the lives of more people more deeply’. I find myself concerned for my students with disabilities, who also must be subjected to righteous claims for the return to an in-person community that may also actively, both implicitly and explicitly, deny core aspects of their personhood through rationalized exclusion.

I did not think it was as bad as it definitely is. When you are disabled and primary aspects of your reality suddenly become social mandates, you learn what folks really think of your lifestyle. People have been judging you in ways you never would have realized. Oddly, this increased access to public perceptions of sickness and health, brought about by the pandemic, has helped me grow as an advocate as it revealed ways of thinking to which I did not previously have access."

July 2021

July 2021
Delilah Twersky curated a new piece from The Forest Rests Also In You (After Digging, above) into Pearl Press' Issue No. 6: Lionheart. Visit Pearl Press and spend some time with Delilah's tender, thoughtful curations.